We focus on processes, architecture and continuous improvement.

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IT strategic plans

We develop consultancies for the effective development of Strategic Plans for Information and Communication Technologies, based on innovation and based on the realities of the business, sector, regulations and conditions existing in the organization.

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Computer security traininf

We strengthen the competencies of your employees, at the managerial level as an operational, in computer security through diplomas, courses, trainings, talks on topics such as:

    • Network security
    • Secure software development
    • Risk analysis
    • Audit in ISO 27001
    • Computer forensics analysis
    • IPv6 diagnosis and implementation

Business continuity plans

We support organizations in identifying and defining strategies to continue the operation and reduce the impact to the business, in the event of an emergency or disaster.

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Protection of personal data (Low 1581 )

We implement comprehensive management plans for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Regime providing comprehensive support against the current challenges posed by information and ICT management, specializing in protection privacy, privacy, good name and information security.

 Professional security and privacy experts

We make available to your company, under outsourcing, specialized professionals to assume roles of risk analysis, business continuity, security officer, incident management, ethical hacking tests, forensic analysis between Other.

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ISO27001 advisory

We support and accompany theimplementation and certification of your Information Security Management System (ISMS), based on ISO 27001. Gain proven, certified capacity to manage an outage and provide market confidence in your services.

Computer forensics analysis

We define and identify the sources, digital evidence and actions to be taken in the face of a computer incident or suspected crime.

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 IPv6 diagnosis and implementation

Diagnosticamos, implementamos, migramos y monitoreamos toda la infraestructura tecnológica para operación en IPv6 teniendo en cuenta el cumplimiento de las normativas de gobierno digital.


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