We evaluate your technological infrastructure by identifying security weaknesses to develop improved actions.

  • Vulnerability analysis and management
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Code analysis
  • Social engineering

Vulnerability analysis and management

We are able to build ona modern vulnerability management platform developed to provide comprehensive support to today’s information and ICT management challenges,eliminating blind spots, tracking with precision vulnerabilities allowing perfect integration are its technological environment.

Ethical Hacking

We develop optimal rectification actions, taking into account the results of the evaluation to the technological infrastructure, in order to improve the security of an organization’s communication and information systems.

Code analysis

We detect the security weaknesses that exist in software applications, web, client server or your programming language, proposing solutions, actions and improvement plans for each case.

Social engeneering

We testsecurity such as phishing, fake mail and fake USB,aimed atidentifying the weakest link vulnerabilities in security, people.


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