Expert Advice


Strategic Plans for Information & Communication Technology

We are consultants for the creation of Strategic Plans for Information & Communication Technology. We take into account variables like context, access to information and communication technology, its use, knowledge and innovation, networks and its relations, technology ownership and existing conditions within the company.


BlockChain and AI

We develop solutions with BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence for the Government and Financial sector

DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)

We provide knowledge and experience in implementing a plan that will allow you to protect your company’s technology infrastructure in case of a natural disaster, an intentional or involuntary event, that may affect your infrastructure (data, hardware or software) and stops your business from continuing.


Data Protection Law

We are experts in information security and the implementation of controls to the law on Protection of Personal Data in Colombia, incorporated the obligation of every responsible demonstrate that it has implemented a comprehensive management of personal data.


Audits and Interventions

We have a wide range of expert professionals, who have allowed us to carry out projects of great importance in the execution of audits and technical, legal, financial, accounting and administrative audits, which makes it possible to reflect the transparency and reality with which we have Carried out the execution of the different investments or processes within each organization, both for the public and private sectors.


Cadastral Consulting

We carry out consultancy and cadastral audits through the administration of the territory and its resources, applying technological tools that allow us to integrate, systematize and update the information, to offer clear diagnoses and to project actions that achieve the objectives set by the administration, with an adequate Delimitation of urban areas, Integrating the information for a correct collection of the property tax and to promote the planning of the territory from the knowledge of the territorial wealth.


Development of Online Government Projects (GEL)

We are specialists in the implementation of online government projects, which seek through the accesses to the technologies with which the general population nowadays allow; Prioritize, improve user care, inform, cut response times, reduce user attention costs and optimize the services provided by the government to its citizens.